il pirata

Nu har vi bott i Trigg i ungefär två månader. Ända sedan vi flyttat hit har vi åkt förbi en lokal pizzeria som bara tiggt om att vi ska prova och betygsätta, så i torsdags tog Fille och jag våra hungriga magar och hade pizza på Il Pirata. Jag hade en Mango Tango - avocado, räkor, cherry-tomater, basilika med mangosås på oooost. Enorma goda pizzor, (OMG, de har en chokladpizza vi måste prova någon gång!) gästvänligt och laidback med massa pirat-grejer överallt. Vi kommer tillbaka!

TRANSLATION: We've lived here in Trigg for about two months now, and ever since we moved here we've been passing this cute little pizzeria called Il Pirata that has begged us to stop by and try it out. So on Thursday, we did. The pizzas were enormous, yummy and it was very homely and friendly atmosphere, with pirate things  (and pirate reading material!) everywhere. We'll be back!


  1. How cute is this place?! The pizza looks delicious and I love how your photos and post relay a total narrative for the evening!

  2. Such a fabulous outfit my dear! Them pirated are lucky to have you over!

    The pizza looks amazing and the decor is very cool (I watched Pirates of the Caribbean just last night!!).

    I'm glad to have found your blog!

    Virginie ♥