bringing it on

Breakfast: Apple & carrot
Lunch: Fruit-salad with Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Salmon, snow peas, broccolli and avocado

EXERCISE: 20 min crosstrainer, 3 x 15 leg press, 3 x 10 leg-lifts, 2 x 10 'Making Stars' exercise from TIU,  (L&R) 2 x 20 Hamstring Curls and extended leg lift, 3 x 5 Starfish squat/lunge(front/side/back), 2 x 60 s plank

Breakfast: Strawberries, kiwi and Greek Yogurt
Lunch: Banana, Body bites
Dinner: Chicken and salad buffet from Sizzler
Snack: Popcorn

Breakfast: Mandarin
Lunch: Kiwi & banana
Snack: Mauie Wowie Smoothie from Java
Dinner: Wine marinated garlic prawns, haloumi and broccolli
Snack: Protein-smoothie with raspberries and cinnamon

EXERCISE: 30 min crosstrainer, 10 x 3 leg-lifts, 2 x 20 Deadlifts, 60 x V-sits, 2 x 15 'Making Stars' exercise from TIU, 4 x 20 sideplank & pulse

Breakfast: Quinoa with cinnamon, coconut, pear and Greek Yogurt
Lunch: Low-carb protein bar and low-carb chocolate dessert from Bodytrim

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